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    Comoda doppia funzione
  • Bike serratura e borraccia gabbia in un unico prodotto - utilizzato come una gabbia bottiglia mentre in movimento, uso come una serratura, mentre in sosta.
    Innovativo dual-hub buco della serratura di progettazione
  • Uso Kreima 's Dual-hub keyhole design to lock more than 1 bike at a time. Perfect for providing additional anti-theft security for yourself and all those traveling with you. Ideal to give your friends or family peace of mind, knowing that they can enjoy a safe bicycle excursion. (* Must purchase appropriate cable)
    Intimate Storage Design
  • When the bikes are in motion, the bobbin system allows the cable to be neatly tucked away inside the lock. This greatly reduces the risks of dust getting into the lock and damaging the product.
    Light weight and easy to carry
  • Weighing only 550 grams, Galatea is a lightweight lock that takes up very little space. Ideal for all bike types.
    Multiple colours available
  • Available colours: Eternal blue, Cloud white and Night black. Choose the right colour to make your bike stand-out!

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Vincitore del premio reddot design 2010  il perno d'oro progettazione marchio a Taiwan

Winner of 2010 Reddot product design award in Germany
Winner of the Golden Pin design mark in Taiwan

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