• Galatea - Bike chain lock & water-bottle cage
  • Galatea - Bike chain lock & water-bottle cage
  • Galatea - Bike chain lock & water-bottle cage
  • Galatea - Bike chain lock & water-bottle cage

2010 German Reddot Award-Winning Bike Chain Lock- Galatea

Bicycle Lock With Innovative Dual-Hub Keyhole Design

2 in 1 - Bike Lock + Water Bottle Cage

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"Galatea" bike lock, let you enjoy with riders and safe parking

  • Galatea KC-001 black
  • Galatea KC-001 blue
  • Galatea KC-001 white
  • Galatea KC-001

Why does Galatea win German 2010 reddot design award? Galatea is a 2 in 1 bicycle lock designed for its security; likewise it is also a water-bottle cage. Instead of carrying a cable lock with all the wires in a bag, Galatea saves your effort. Galatea's bobbin system allows you to wrap up the cable around the water-bottle cage, and the wrapped up cables can hardly be seen. If you wish to lock your bicycle with others, the dual-hub keyhole design supports you to loop the cable around with other bikers' bikes, whatever way you want use in order to protect them from getting stolen. The cable length can be purchased upon request. Galatea only weights 550 grams, and despite its light weight, it is unbreakable. There are multiple choices of colours to make your bicycle attracts people's attention, including eternal blue, cloud white and night black. Overall, Galatea is a bicycle lock perfectly designed to be convenient and trendy.

awards - reddot design award winner 2010, Golden Pin

A Taiwan made bicycle lock named Galatea has won a renowned award, German reddot design award, for its fashionable and convenient design in 2010. In the same year, Galatea again won the Golden Pin design mark in Taiwan for its sophisticated design. Galatea is a bicycle lock that is developed by a company named Kreima, which is a 100% subsidiary company of REAL. REAL is a leading lock supplier in Taiwan with 39 years of experience.

As a world famous lock supplier who's been providing lock solutions worldwide, REAL's locks are seen everywhere, particularly in the U.S. where lockers are utilized. Nevertheless, REAL wasn't satisfied with their current accomplishments. Therefore, REAL's focus on energy savings, environmental friendliness, and healthy lifestyles encouraged their involvement in developing locks for the bicycle market. Hence, Heimdallr and Galatea were created for the bicycle lock market with the support of a lock elite - REAL.

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Galatea KC-001 User Guide

  • Locking and unlocking Description
lock and unlock galatea step 1
1). Remove the Winding Wire Head from the Wire Retainer and loosen the wire.
lock and unlock galatea step 2
2). Pass the winding wire through the section to be locked, and then insert the winding Wire Head into the desired Lock Hole to complete the locking.
lock and unlock galatea step 3
3). Insert the key into the Key Hole and then turn till to the end; the lock can then be released.
  • Stowage
stowage galatea
1). Retrieve the Winding Wire back to the Winding Reel and buckle the Winding Wire Head into the Wire Retainer.
  • Multi-bike Joint Locking
galatea Multi-bike join locking
1). If the bicycle of your team member is also installed with a Galatea, you may lock both bicycles together to prevent others from stealing both bikes.
Galatea for Multi-bike join locking
  • Optional Accessories
galatea optional accessories galatea optional accessories
1). Circle the optional winding wire around the on-ground fixing acility, pass it through the Wire Ring and then insert it into the unused lock hole.
galatea optional accessories
2). Insert the Winding Wire Head on both ends of the optional wire into both lock holes not used by the Galatea to complete the chain locking (it may be circled around other on-ground facility).
Galatea full angles
Model KC-001
Weight 550g (included cable)
Size 16cm(L), 7cm(W), 10cm(H)
Cable length 99cm
Cable diameter 0.5 cm (outer)
Holder diameter 7.35 cm
Material Cable : Stainless steel
Lock body : zinc alloy
Holder : PC
Bobbin : PP
Color Eternal blue, Cloud white and Night black
Accessory Key x3, Screw sets x2, Key tag x1, Installation & User guide x1, Warranty card x1

Product Features

    Convenient dual function
  • Bike lock and water-bottle cage in a single product – use as a bottle cage while in motion, use as a lock while parked.
    Innovative Dual-hub keyhole design
  • Use Kreima's Dual-hub keyhole design to lock more than 1 bike at a time. Perfect for providing additional anti-theft security for yourself and all those traveling with you. Ideal to give your friends or family peace of mind, knowing that they can enjoy a safe bicycle excursion. (* Must purchase appropriate cable)
    Intimate Storage Design
  • When the bikes are in motion, the bobbin system allows the cable to be neatly tucked away inside the lock. This greatly reduces the risks of dust getting into the lock and damaging the product.
    Light weight and easy to carry
  • Weighing only 550 grams, Galatea is a lightweight lock that takes up very little space. Ideal for all bike types.
    Multiple colours available
  • Available colours: Eternal blue, Cloud white and Night black. Choose the right colour to make your bike stand-out!

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