Bike Kreima de lock-HeimdallrBike Kreima de lock-Heimdallr
Bike Kreima de lock-Heimdallr
    Dupla função
  • Segurança e de Segurança
  • Bloqueio e função de iluminação dupla
  • Iluminação LED cabeça
  • Cauda LED de alerta
    Cilindro de alta segurança
  • Kreima 's detained disc cylinder with anti-drilling, anti-picking and anti-cutting attributes has gained notoriety through a multitude of internationally recognized awards: Excellence in Taiwan, Innovation Research Award in Taiwan, Golden Medal in International Invention Exhibition in Geneva, Golden Medal in International Invention Exhibition in Nurnberg, Gold Medal Award of Merit Pittsburgh, USA.
    Solid lock body
  • U locks 10mm thick stainless steel body design is almost indestructible.
    High brightness illumination
  • Headlight lock uses 5 white LED lights that run for 21 hours with alkaline battery. The tail light uses 3 red LED lights that last up to 115 hours with alkaline battery.
    Four lighting mode
  • One-touch button allows you to easily switch the light to four d if ferent modes: Constant, quick flash, slow flash and off mode.
    Fast installation and disassembly
  • Easy and convenient installation and disassembly within a few seconds.

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iF Product Design Award 2010  Produto Design bom em Taiewan  Taiwan Excelência 2010

Winner of 2010 iF product design award in Germany
Winner of 2010 Taiwan Excellence Award
Winner of good design product award in Taiwan

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